American Rivera Award (Viggo Mortensen) SBIFF 2019

Reviewed by Norma Perez. Viewed at the film festival.

Unfortunately due to weather changing rapidly and worsening, Viggo Mortensen was late by almost an hour. With the freeway being closed allowing it to be extremely difficult to make it by car, there was an alternative of  being flown out from Camarillo, Ca with his friends who came along as well by a local resident from Santa Barbara, Ca. Not going to lie, it was frustrating because I myself had difficulty getting to the festival, but but the wait was definitely worth it.

Viggo Mortensen not only talked about his career but he shared several things about himself such as being fluent in several different languages. He also showed the audience who was present with him that night his humbleness but also spoke about how acting is a privilege because it’s a hobby people enjoy doing and not everyone finds acting as a craft but as a talent. Mr. Mortensen discussed about other films he was part of which were Green Box, Witness, Hildago. He explained how he had to make adjustments in his own personal life in order to make a good character for certain movies.

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