Emma Peeters (Nicole Palo, 2018), Canada

Reviewed by Luis Oviedo, viewed at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

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Eulogy for my hate of dark comedies.

My hate for dark comedies (1994-2019) I used to be unable to see issues like suicide on screen, but one dark evening I saw a film by director Nicole Palo and this discomfort is now gone.

The combination of wit, and superb delivery created for a great balance of humor and darkness. The anxiety I used to feel for this type of topic disappeared in a span of one hour and thirty minutes. It was a sudden and unexpected loss, that actually will not be missed.

This hate for dark comedies came from previous experiences of dealing with death, and this anxiousness towards death flourish in my teens. This anxiousness toward the future can be shared with main character Emma who plans on committing suicide after an unsuccessful career as an actress.

Palo meticulously wrote and directed the film to create a sense of belief towards Emma’s decision while still have an essence of lightness and comedy. This combination proved to be fatal for my hate of dark comedies.

The film possessed the qualities of different genres of film, from musical like moments where our main character breaks into song, to a small section in which the film transforms into a silent film for one scene. This variety created for a fresh and charming story. At the end of the film the most devastating death is that of my hate of dark comedies.

So rest in peace my hate for dark comedies.

I would say you will be missed, but you won’t.

My hate for dark comedies (1994-2019)


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