Outstanding Directors Award SBIFF – 2019

Reviewed by Josh Velazquez. Viewed at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

This year’s Outstanding Director Award was very special this year because all five of the directors who won this award are also in the run for the Best Director Award for the 91st Acadamy Awards. Alfonso Cuarón (Roma), Yorgos Lanthimos (The Favourite), Spike Lee (BlacKkKlansman), Adam McKay (Vice), and Pawel Pawlikowski (Cold War) are the five directors that were honored here at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Each director was called out individually so they can each talk about their movie. Before each director was called out, they showed a clip of their movie. The Arlington was filled with the sound of claps as all these well-respected directors made their way onto the stage. As the directors talked about their movie, you can hear the passion and enthusiasm for their film in their voice. Each one talked about their film as if it was their newborn baby. As they talked, they also showed their personality. By the time they switched out, it was as if you had gotten to know each director, they really expressed themselves in a way that made you feel connected to them.

Although they’re all against each other for an Oscar, there was only friendship and admiration in the room when they were all called onto the stage. I swear, their chemistry was as if they had all grown up together and as if this was just one of their many get-togethers. They shared laughs with each other that spread across the theatre, it gave the night a warm feeling. I’m glad these directors were all honored in this night because they all deserve it. Sadly they can’t all win an Oscar, but they won all our hearts with their movies and personalities.

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