A Seed for Change (Alexandros Oikonomidis, 2018): Greece

Reviewed by Shayne Casso-Cloonan at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

How to create your own “carbon footprint-free lunch”:

1. Stop giving multinationals permission to control your life.
2. Don’t listen to the “Banksters”!
3. If your garden is near another that uses pesticides, place a natural barrier between your garden and theirs. Use large, thick trees and bushes.
4. Do not plant hybrid seeds! They won’t reproduce every season.
5. Use heirloom seeds that are able to reproduce!
6. Garden using traditional methods (newer methods are wasteful).
7. Don’t pull out the wild grass!
8. Don’t use random chemicals and pesticides to control the insect population eating your crops, instead introduce other animals and insects that eat those bugs for you, giving them a place to live and eat, and you some hole-free lettuce.
9. “Worms are the real laborers of the Earth.” Leave them alone!
10. Watch the eye-opening documentary film A Seed for Change, directed, written, produced, and edited by plant-lover Alexandros Oikonomidis.

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