Happy Death Day 2U (Christopher Landon, 2019) USA

Reviewed by Kaio Farkouh.

The baby serial killer is back. The baby serial killer is back. The baby serial killer is back. Jokes aside, let’s talk about the movie. The movie is a sequel of the feature “Happy Death Day” launched in 2017. Directed by Christopher Lindon, who also directed the first one, and other horror movies like Paranormal Activity 2, 3, 4 and The Marked ones. The director has a good amount of experience in directing horror movies, and the movie is produced by one of the great companies of the horror genre these days, Blumhouse Productions. The one that produced great movies, for example “Get Out”, “Insidious” series, “The Purge” series.

The movie starts at the point where the first one ends, you do not have to watch the first one to enjoy this second movie, however If you do, you would enjoy much more this universe. The story follows  a group of students, in particular, Tree Geldman (Jessica Rothe), Carter Davis’s (Israel Broussard) and Ryan Phan (Phi Vu). Different from the first movie, where Jessica character lives a normal day, when she is killed and she can live the same day over and over again until she finds out, who is killing her. This time is Phi’s characters, who claims is being hunt and killed by someone. And they see theirselves trap in a loop all over again.

Tree Geldman shines one more time, she carries the movie with his enthusiasm and energy. She is basically going over all she did on the first movie, however it seems that she is enjoying much more, and you want to watch her more on screen. Besides her, the movie this time gives more space for its supporting cast. And giving us more information about old characters. The most noticeable ads are the two new friends, Samar Ghosh (Suraj Sharma) and Andre ‘Dre’ Morgan (Sarah Yarkin), who both play scientists.

Even though, Tree Geldman is great in her role and I enjoyed and had fun watching her dying over and over again, multiple times and different ways. The movie lacks to decide what it is. The feature adds a sci-fi theme, which is good and bring something new to the franchise. However, it tries to be an action, horror, drama movie and it can not go deep in those areas. It feels very superficial and simple.

“Happy Death Day 2U” is a good sequel, and I had a great time watching Tree Geldman on it (give her more roles!), and the add of the sci-fi genre is a nice add to bring something new. However, with a bunch of stuff going on, the movie can’t decide what it really is. If it is a horror, sci-fi or even a comedy. The movie still worth the watch, if you are looking to distract yourself for around 100min.


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