The Map to Paradise (Danielle Ryan, 2018), Australia

Reviewed by Luis Oviedo, viewed at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

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Danielle Ryan’s The Map to Paradise is a charismatic documentary like no other in the past few years. This documentary does not focus on the problems in the world, but rather in the possible solutions. According to other audience members this was refreshing take on environmental conservation issues. This gives audiences hope rather than scaring them of possible outcomes. The documentary tells the story and people from all over the globe. From Australia, to the US, to the depths of Antartica. In the documentary Ryan shows presidents and mayors of various

The documentary is told in a fairytale style. It was interesting to see the juxtaposition of the beautiful illustrations and some of the sad realities in some places of the world. This imagery showed that saving the world could feel like a dream and fairytale, but the examples and testimonies from the film, show us that it is possible for us to live in this fairytale. Another great aspect of the documentary is the beautiful original score in the film, the score allowed us to have a different feel in the different regions captured in the film. The film showcases beautiful shots of coastal towns and cities, as well as beautiful underwater shots showing beautiful scenes of the fauna and flora of our oceans.

The film is a beautiful portray of the beauty in our coasts and our oceans of the world. The positive and hopeful essence of the film left audiences motivated to save the world rather than guilty and frustrated of all the damage done. Ryan’s film is told in particular but beautiful manner. Ryan did a fantastic job to educate the masses on current issues and create a call to action. This is a great film to show future generations so they can carry on the work of all the admirable people in Ryan’s documentary.

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