Michael B Jordan Tribute

Reviewed by Norma Perez. Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2019.

Michael B Jordan had the honor to receive a Cinema Vanguard Award presented by Belvedere Vodka. Michael shared with the audience his personal life such as being born in Orange County, Ca and being raised in New York and also New Jersey, also he was only a few days away from turning 32 years old when he came to the film festival.

Michael spoke on how his career all began and the struggles he faced. According to Mr. Jordan, he has been acting for twenty years now because he began modeling at the age 10 and later on he got a role as acting and at the age of 19 years old, he decided to move out to Los Angeles, Ca to pursue his acting career. He had some struggles and not knowing where he would be going in life if this career didn’t work out for him. Some struggles he dealt with as he resided in Los Angeles, was paying his home rent on a monthly basis, living on money from what he would receive from his auditions not knowing if he could afford paying rent the following month.

Michael B Jordan has acted out in the following films, Black Panther; Creed; Creed 2; Hardball, including Wire and Friday night lights. Michael also spoke out to the audience how so many agencies rejected him because they didn’t think he could make the fit for the characters he wanted or what he was looking for. But even with all these rejections, it did not stop him from getting where he wanted to be at.

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