Ralph Breaks the Internet (Phil Johnston, Rich Moore, 2018): USA

Reviewed by Josh Velazquez. Viewed at the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Who knew we’d fall in love with the “bad guy”? Wreck-It-Ralph (2012) showed us that but Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) showed us that everyone loves him even more.

The big building breaker made a return to the big screen with Vanellope by his side this time and together they made their way to the internet. After breaking Vanellope game, Ralph must find a way to fix it and how does everyone solve their problems nowadays? The internet. They make their way through the internet and they soon realize the internet is not so friendly as they thought.

This movie is so fun to watch, not only because the visuals are so beautiful, but because all the characters are so funny and fun to watch. Their interactions really show how their chemistry has built up and it’s just plain out fun to watch. Everyone could enjoy this movie, older people, young ones, those cool teenagers who think they’re too cool for everything. I bet this can get a laugh out of them.

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