This Changes Everything(2018)

During the 2019 Santa Barbara International Film Festival I had the opportunity to see the American documentary, “This Changes Everything”(2018), directed by Tom Donahue. This film is an eye-opening experience about the inequality between men and women in the film industry and the gender bias women have put up with for decades. You’ll learn that in the early years of film, female directors were common and that it was a more even playing field. Since then sexism is serious in the film industry. Women are victimized, intimidated, and abused. “This Changes Everything” is stocked with a who’s-who of female actors and directors voicing their experiences and their drive to change how female characters are represented in television and film. From the likes of Meryl Streep to Reese Witherspoon, these Hollywood powerhouses have a common basic need and want, which simply is inclusion. Inclusion, in empowering roles along with appropriate praise for accolades, whereas women directors getting praise for limited time and soon forgotten while male directors praise lasts for years. This film will enlighten one about the issues taking place, the women taking action, and encourage you to take action yourself to make a positive change in the portrayal and inclusion of women in the industry.

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