Carmen Y Lola(2018) Directed by Arantxa Echevarría

C armen Y Lola both Roma women living in a community where common marriage culture is driven within the family generation to generation.

A esthetics such as very intimate close up shots  between Carmen and Lola help bring the audience in towards the personality of the characters.

R oma community is a hardworking lifestyle that Carmen and Lola both share working at their fathers market stand in the streets.

M any expectations about marriage are highly forced throughout the film. Carmen and Lola are getting closer as friends as Carmen’s marriage is getting closer.

E ntering a world of intimate lesbian attraction behind closes doors adds a motif to the film. The use of bright colors used in the film are also represented in the gay pride flag.

N othing can change the connection between Carmen and Lola after there secret first kiss.

Y oung and in love, Carmen and Lola have to secretly meet up after work and school to continue to explore there lesbian sexual feelings for each other.

L ola, talented graffiti artist and school girl risks family rejection while exploring the passion for liking girls.

O verall beautiful use of Mise en scene, that is a  Spanish  romantic drama written and directed by Arantxa Eehevarria.

L ove between two women that cannot speak about there feelings in the open community,  trying to escape the traditional ways of Roma life.

A tributes of the film included,  long cuts with little dialog, intimate close ups, and artistic hand held camera angles that added extra emotion and character development.

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