You Were Never Really Here (Ramsay, 2018): United Kingdom, France, USA

Reviewed by Matheus Clorado.

Image result for you were never really here“What just happened?”

That is the question you most likely will be asking yourself throughout this outstanding cinematographic story. The camera follows an unrecognizable Joaquin Phoenix (Her) through a chaotic routine in a sea of violence, finely balanced with a suspenseful atmosphere.

At the beginning of this film, the introduction of Joe as the main protagonist and his universe is done subtly; to a point where the viewer may question its purpose and the efficiency of the initial scenes. The sounds play a pivotal role, slowly linking Joe’s psyche to the audience’s ears and eyes.

The impressive achievement in this piece lies in the simplicity of the story exposition. As time goes by and the tension on the screen rises, it’s no surprise to see people at the edge of their seats. The dialogue is straightforward and essential. The mise-en-scène is certainly worthy of recognition for adding to the story impeccably. Even psychological intent can be heard and seen. The movie’s rare dialogues convey the many skills of writer/director Lynne Ramsay who takes advantage of every resource in the process of telling Joe’s truth.

This magnificent mind puzzle brings cinematic storytelling to another level and it does not end without leaving an unforgettable impression.


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