Gloria Bell (Sebastián Lelio, 2019) Chile | USA

Reviewed by Kaio Farkouh.

Based on the movie “Gloria” (2013), directed by the very talented Sebastián Lelio, who did amazing jobs with “A fantastic woman” (2017) and “Disobedience” (2017), the director decided to do an America remake of the movie that he directed 6 years ago. Spoiler: the director keeps his streak of doing great movies.

The movie follows the character of Julianne Moore (“Still Alice”), where she plays “Gloria” our main character. It is a story about this woman around her 50s years old, who likes to have fun, likes to go to clubs in Los Angeles.And seeks for a different type of life. A life lighter, where she can enjoy and have fun. The movie also counts with Michael Cera, John Turturro, Sean Astin and Alanna Ubach.

Lelio does an amazing job of telling this story about this woman, he uses color and the clothes our main character to show her emotions. In the movie there is a lot of the color purple, which means Independence, and that is exactly how our character tries to find in her life. The music in the movie is also very good, and it gives us more reasons to feel for our main character. Rather than be something explicit, through the songs, color, clothes the director can show us how our main character feels.

Julianne Moore, who plays this middle age woman, it is the representation of the modern woman, the woman that can life her own life and still have fun. It is in small scenes, for example when she drives to work and the type of songs she sings, or when she talks to her son or daughter that we can understand what is she feeling. And at the end of the day, I saw my mom in her. A woman, who was married for many years, but now seeks independence and live the life on her own. And because of it, the movie was even better to me. It is such a good representation.

“Gloria Bell” is a very good remake that represents the modern woman, with great interpretations and a great script. Sebastián Lelio made, again, another great movie. It is defiantly worth the watch, and keep and eye on this great director who keeps doing great movies.

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