Apollo 11 (Todd Douglas Miller, 2019): USA

Reviewed by Kaio Farkouh.

When we think about the greater human achieves in our history, we think about the great travels that us humans would cross the oceans to find new territories in order to find new food, new ways of making money, to explore and know the world that we live. Said that, we since years ago always have the desire to go know the unknown, with our intelligence and fearless, we throw ourselves in adventures that brought good things for us. However, if you asked me, what was the most important human step in the human history, I would probably say when we first landed on the moon.

Directed by Todd Douglas Miller (Dinosaur 13), “Apollo 11” tells the incredible story about how N.A.S.A landed the first spaceship on the moon, lead by Neil Armstrong, who at the time turned the first man to ever get to the moon. With real footages, and voice records the featured show us how this amazing effort was possible.

The documentary gives us an amazing experience and it shows all the arrange that N.A.S.A had to do in order to prepare all the equipments, all the adjustments had to be right. We are talking about one of the most, if not the most, step in human kind. USA and Russia, at the time they were in a race to see who would put their first man on the moon. The movie works so well and even being a difficult theme to discuss, because it has a lot of technical terms, a lot of math that the engineers had to do, I never felt lost watching it. It is very well explained in a way that the movie still feels intriguing even knowing the outcome. It shows all the preparations that the pilots had to go through, and also shows the psychological aspect of their families that had to deal to the fact that they did not know if they were coming back, it could have been the end for all of them.

The movie is stunning, my recommendation is that watch in the biggest screen that you can. All the cinematography and the sound helps the movie and the sequences in space feel even more realistic and I felt like if I was there helping and routing for them to succeed. It shows all the hard work about a group of people, who made all the possible efforts to make this advance in the history of human kind possible.

“Apollo 11” is an amazing documentary, with stunning images and incredible sound effects the movie succeeds in every aspect of the story that never felt boring, and always gave me more informations that I could understand and understand all the process that this whole group went through. It shows the conquest and the desire of us as a society to bring new technologies and mark the history of the human kind. Make sure to watch this one.

“Apollo 11” trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpLrp0SW8yg


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