Antigone ( Sophie Deraspe, 2019) Canada

Reviewed by Brittany Carriger viewed at AFI Film Fest 2019

Nahema Ricci as Antigone

This film was viewed fairly early in our viewing day. So I will be very intentional in saying that I was sleep deprived and did not know what I was walking into.

This film is the definition of catharsis, however I will have to side with my professor when I say that it was heavy handed.

Antigone is a modern day retelling of the Greek tragedy of that same name. In this version of the film, and young woman risks her life by posing as her brother to get him out of jail. She is sent through intense  trials and even faces in a dream state “Hades” in order to seek justice for her family.

Although I am empathetic to the character’s journey, I felt the story was a little heavy handed. A lot all at once. I think that the choices were made hastily by the director who also served as the director of photographer. The story was solid, but only in that it was a retelling of something from a very long time ago.

I did enjoy the performances. They were intense but interesting. However I was not all together connected to the film.

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