Story (shorts 1 AFI)

                                                                                                                              Reviewed by Christian Waters at AFI 2019

      This is an animated film by Jola Bańkowska is a Polish filmmaker and illustrator. She received the Ministers of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship for Outstanding Achievements. Her short film BIOTOP was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Story is ironic short film about the overwhelming use of technology in todays society. Bańkowska’s illustrations really shine with the use of color and design. The beauty of the scenes in quick succession feeds the minds eye. Visually this fim is striking and burns a memory deep into the psyche. At one point there is a row of men staring at thier phones as a head burst into flame. It is a statement on how these devises have affected our lives.

There are many short allegories reaching out from the screen. You can see and relate many of these to our everyday lives. This film is a funny, yet distrurbing look at human behavior in the modern world. Give it a sit. I think you find the film supizingly rewarding.



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