Super Frenchie (Chase Ogden, 2019): USA

Reviewed by Justin Tuttle.  Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2020 (U.S. premier).

Directed by Chase Ogden.  Produced by Kiah S. Jones (The Amazing Spider-Man, 2012), Andy McDonough (Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey), Jason Reid (Sonicsgate).  Filmed in USA, France, Iceland and Switzerland.  Featuring BASE jumper Matthias Giraud.

Interview by Bill and Ted aka William “Bill” S. Preston Esq. and “Ted” Theodore Logan.


Bill and Ted:  Dude.  Knarly movie bro.  You did some crazy jumps?  What possesed you do do all that?

Matthias Girard:  Nothing will stop me from pursing my passion for skiing and BASE jumping.  I jump and risk everything to feel alive.

Bill and Ted: Wow.  Yeah we were like excellent with the jumps dude.

Matthias Girard:  Thanks guys.  Yes. The crazier the better no matter what.

Bill and Ted:  Dude.  You went to some amazing places to BASE jump.

Matthias Girard:  Yes, I did a lot near my home outside Portland.  But we filmed in France, Iceland and Switzerland.

Bill and Ted: Right on.  One of those places looked like Mont Blanc.  You almost had a crazy wipeout when you caught an edge.  What was that like?

Matthias Girard:  Yeah.  I almost had a nasty fall but luckily recovered and lived to see another day.

Bill and Ted: “All we are as dust in the wind, dude” we thought you were a goner. But you kept BASE jumping till eventually that jump that you slammed your head and thigh.  Bill: I told “Ted, you and I have witnessed many things, but nothing as bodacious as what happened.”  We were like he is one bodacious dude.  What was that about?

Matthias Girard:  Yeah.  I didn’t think about the wind blowing me back into the face of the cliff.  Luckily while I got knocked out, my parachute recovered and flew me down while unconscious.  I didn’t wake up until the hospital.

Bill and Ted: Whoa dude.  But like you have a super chill cool wife and a kid bro.  Yet you went right back at it and kept BASE jumping and even did the same one 6 years later.  We were like”strange things are afoot at the Circle K” and wondering why you kept jumping?

Matthias Girard:  I just didn’t want to stop.  Despite my kid and wife.  Nothing will stop me.  I need to live my own life.

Bill and Ted: Wow. Ok dude.  “Well.  Be excellent to each other!”  Next time you are in San Dimas come say hi.

Matthias Girard:  Will do guys.


Bill to Ted.  Dude…. That was a tough movie to watch.  I mean there were some amazingly bodacious views and jumps but it was a little much.  The dude seemed like he had a death wish.  Probably should be called Super Frenchie’s Persistent Death Wish.”  I couldn’t figure out why he keeps pushing the envelope.

Ted to Bill.  Yeah bro.  Movie was cool but I don’t need to see it again.  It was a little uncomfortable to me as he seemed like he had some sort of screw loose.

Bill to Ted.  Yeah bro.  Let’s jam over to the Circle K now.

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