Frozen 2 ( Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee, 2019) : USA

Reviewed by Maria Loza. Viewed at SBIFF 2020.

The long-anticipated sequel was nothing short but amazing, for me at least. The sequel continues to prove that cold never bothered Elsa. This sequel really fulfilled its expectations and more.

The plot is much more complex and there’s much more sustenance to the story. The first Frozen was great, don’t get me wrong but this film had more factors that made it a more enjoyable film by a broader audience. The film is about the group, Elsa, Anna, Christoph, Olaf, and Sven set off to find the truth behind the strange occurrences going on in Arandalle. There’s a strange voice calling out to Elsa and there have been strange events that chase out the citizens of Arendalle. The plot is much more emotionally invested because the truth is leading them to the secret behind Elsa’s powers and if it’s a curse. There’s a secret revealed about their parents and the events that lead to their parent’s death. This plot has more sustenance and has more edge to it. 

This film also has a big theme about growing up. Olaf continues to blabber about growing up and the daunting feeling of change. I think this theme is connected to the plot and how the first film compares to the second. The second film seems more mature now, with Elsa being queen and anna possibly getting married, these characters are now more mature. While the first film was a sweet story behind sisterly love and family, this film now goes into Elsa and annas back story and how this could affect their lives and futures. I think that the direction that the directors took on was a smart choice because the film is much more exciting and have better character arcs. There are times when things go wrong and the team gets separated and then on their own they find their way back to accomplish their goal of freeing Arandalle and the Northludra kingdom.

The film’s aesthetics were so beautiful. The use new technology really shows, the film has better graphics and beautiful scenery of nature and magic together. What really stood out to me was the animation of the water scenes. Especially with the elemental water horse that follows Elsa around. Water that could be seen as an advantage for Elsa because the element of water is the same as the element of ice, however in some scenes, it’s one of her biggest obstacles to overcome. The water seems so realistic, almost as if it’s a real setting. Also, the complementing colors of the characters to the setting of the autumn forest. It’s a very beautiful film, almost every scene is full of beautiful colors.

I would recommend this film to anyone, I think that this film can be enjoyed by not only kids but adults as well. The music is exciting and gives the audience the urge to sing along. The story is also emotionally investing and overall a great storyline.




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