Zone of Interest (Jonathan Glazer, 2023): United States | United Kingdom | Poland

Reviewed by Maya Kinsgbury. Viewed at the 2024 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.



I am a house.

I am omniscient; omnipresent

Jonathan Glazer gave me my thoughts.

Lucasz Zal gave me eyes.

Paul Watts sewed the two together. 

My retelling has no beginning. No end.

For the importance of my story lies in the middle of the chaos. 


I see everything.

The inside. The outside.

Sandra Huller. Christian Friedel.

I see the beautiful garden you planted. I see the cold cement and barbed wire fencing that surrounds the floral oasis. I see who it keeps out. 

I see the children playing. I see your blind eye. 

I see the love. The infidelity. 

I see your lawn chairs. The billowing smoke behind the fence. Your pool. 


I feel everything.

Your achievement. This system. 

I feel your confinement. Your happiness.

The dissociation. The relief of the comfort I provide. I feel your deaf ear.


I smell everything.

The gas. Your french perfume. 

I smell your flowers. The smoke in the air. 

I smell your dinner. Your acceptance.


I hear everything.

Your laughter. Your arguing. 

I hear your urgency. Your pride. 

I hear their cries.  Your happiness. 

I hear your dissociation. Your dreams. 

Your indifference. The machines. 

Your silence.


I taste everything.

The mud that comes off your shoes. The tears. 

The things you wash off your body. I taste what you wash down the drain.

The ash. The sweat. The infidelity. The creek you swim in. 


I am a house. My mouth is nailed shut. 

I have to be quiet. It’s up to you.

Speak up.


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