Accident (Pou-Soi Cheang, 2009): Hong Kong

Reviewed by Ben Williams at the 25th Santa Barbara International film festival.

Girl, driving, car, accident, blood, death, watch, silver, broken, time, stopped, fade, out, traffic, flat tire, girl, wire, caught, accident, glass, blood, cars, person, cop, mid-thirties, dead, cigarette butt, pocket, cash, girl, drive, to, club, team, plans, intricate, detailed, untraceable, assasination, fear, might get caught, reassurance, ping pong, The Brian, home, mirrors, all directions, money, safe, watch, guilt, revenge, wife, bed, sleep, morning, plan, next move, man, pawn shop, owner, old, wheel chair, son, aids, set up, kite, balloons, rain, wire, electricity, fry, abort, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, happens, dies, accident, surprising, bus, runs over, Fatty, dead, The Brian, scared, paranoid, home, broken into, fearful, untrusting, uncle, disabled, stays at apartment, insurance, agent, suspect, watches, spy’s, studies, understands, uncle, dies, falls, from apartment, The Brian, suspects, agent, plans, killing, wife, realizes, truth, tries, stop, fails, wife dies, The Brian, remorse, runs, stabbed, end.

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