Crazy Art (Justin Rowe, 2009): USA

Reviewed by Lea Encarnacion.  Viewed at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Crazy Art is a local Santa Barbara documentary that follows three artists who battle mental illness and deal with living with

schizophrenia.  It examines their search for identity, acceptance, and recovery through their unique and thought provoking

art.  I found this film to be very honest and truly inspirational about living life with our conditions, whatever they may

be.  At this premiere, it received a standing ovation for the film.  The director said at the Q+A that the purpose was “to

show a human side to something people don’t really know about.” One of the artists stood out in particular – Trinaty Lopez-

Wakefield who does not like labels for herself about anything – whether it be her style, attitude, art or illness.  “We are

all human beings… It is really hard to be alone in this world,” Trinaty says. The film is dedicated to Skye Campbell,

another artist who died before making recovery, whose bones were found in the mountains of Santa Cruz.  What struck me in

particular about this film was the deep connection the three artists had with their artwork – and with the process of

creating, selling, exhibiting, and how it affects them and their mental wellbeing.  Trinaty’s son explained that his mother’s

artworks are priceless, because it is a part and comes from the artist’s life, mind, soul, and everything that emanates from

the person.

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