Paper Moon (Peter Bogdanovich, 1973): USA

Reviewed by Joseph Schlitt.  Viewed on Netflix Instant Streaming.

Paper Moon was one of a few films made during the early 70s that revolved around the 1930s depression era. Also the Emmy award winning Television show, “The Waltons” started it’s decade long run.

Well, here we go again with possible looming hyperinflation, the greatest national debt in history, and 11% unemployment at our doorstep. Paper Moon shows us a glimpse, in a microcosmic sense, of the reality knocking at our doorsteps, with the characters Moses and Addie. Though it is never revealed, the indication that they were father and daughter is implied. Two souls, the product of the now collapsed “Roaring 20s”, are the focus of this melancholy and humorous film.

It stars Ryan and Tatum O’Neill, and it was at the time the best known father and sibling film ever made, next to the 1982 film, “Honkytonk Man”, with Clint and Kyle Eastwood in a similar Depression era film.

What made Paper Moon so unusual for the time was the lack of the lack of technicolor and grand amenities of the films from the 70s. Filmed in black and white and with a mono soundtrack, this film is able to transport you back to the 30s. “Paper Moon” to this day remains a cult classic with a small following of the true film connoisseurs of this genre. Enjoy it, and it is available for instant viewing on Netflix. Take a chance and see for yourself the charm of this film. And hey,brother, can you spare a dime?


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