Womens Panel 2014 Lobero Theater

Womens Panel 2014 Lobero Theater reviewed by Sara Grab

The Santa Barbara 2014 Women Panel was quite a delight. Five renound women came to speak on behalf of females in film. The participants were Kristine Belson for Croods, Dede Gardner for Twelve Years A Slave, Lauren Macmullen for Get a Horse, Gaby Tana for Philomenia, Rahcel Winters for Dallas Buyers Club, and Sara Woodhatch for Before Midnight. This panel was very inspirational especially because I am a woman in film and could relate to a lot of the things that they were talking about. I find it especially hard to be women in film because it is such a male dominate workplace. Seeing five powerful, successful women was truly encouraging.

 Dede Gardner talked about being passionate on the project you are doing. She said that you couldn’t be happy unless you are fully confident and in love with the project you are working on because it will consume your entire life. They also said that they would not work on films that do not interest them because in the end it would just be a grueling experience. The ladies also address the subject of intuition and how important it is to have faith in yourself and to know yourself. There is always a little voice inside that will guide you, and they talked about being in touch with that voice knowing what is the right and wrong thing to do. Use insight and have faith in your project. Getting to the top is about being dedicated and passionate. All ladies said they were turned down a number of times before they made it to the top.

The women also shared that they each had one person who gave them their big break. They stressed the importance of teamwork and communication. You have to be dedicated and passionate in order to be successful. They all reiterated the fact that being a women in film you cant focus on gender roles you just have to be powerful and determined. Women need to mentor one another and be there to support each other, stand united in film. Even though you may encounter obstacles along the way just keep going and realize you can get through all of them. All of the women who spoke at the panel are head honchos in the film industry Lauren Macmullen is the first female director for Disney! That is quiet an accomplishment. This panel gave me confidence and I learned some of the tools to successful. This was a great seminar and I feel very fortunate to have attended!

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