Faces Places (Agnes Varda, JR 2017): France

Reviewed by Margaux Pfau. Viewed at the Santa Barbara Film Festival 2018.

Once upon a time, a famous film director called Agnes Varda met a young French photographer, who goes by the name, JR. They really liked each other’s work and had an original idea: going on a trip to France to visit different places and meet the people who are living there.
The idea became a reality, Varda and JR put their work together. While JR was taking pictures of people in different places and sticking them on street walls, Varda was realizing the documentary of their wonderful journey shaped by Mathieu Chedid’s music.
But most importantly, for an hour and a half, they managed, via their documentary, to bring the audience with them on their trip to France.

And because every fairytale has a happy ending, Agnes Varda, and JR’s documentary is a Documentary Feature nominee for the Academy Awards 2018.


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